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Located in the heart of downtown Sarasota on Main Street just behind First Sarasota Church, First Montessori Academy offers the best academic program for young children ages 18 months to 9 years of age. Our program is a premier private Montessori school that believes children construct themselves through a carefully prepared environment.

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From The Head Of Our School

"Even though I have had the opportunity to educate thousands of children throughout my career, I am still amazed - every single day - by every child I come in contact with.

Children have an innate desire to listen, learn, and grow. And as an educator, my job is to capture that interest and help guide the child - not force the child - towards being a well-rounded social, physical, emotional, and intellectual member of our community.

If you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, I hope you'll consider touring our school and joining me for a conversation."
Kathy Lindamen
Head of School
Katherine Lindaman has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education Administration and is an American Montessori Society certified primary teacher with over 30 years of experience. She is also the founder of both Montessori Academy at Sharon Springs and Montessori at Vickery in Cumming, Georgia.


Our schools serve the academic needs of children ages 18 mths-6 years and opens for the school year starting in August and ending in June. Our program at FMA begins at 8am, after-school program ends at 5:30pm. We do not have a before school program. Our after-school program ends at 5:30pm. Days of operation are Monday through Friday.

Our school is located at 1661 Main Street, Sarasota, behind First Sarasota Church next to the gazebo & playground.

  • 8am                       School Opens
  • 8:15-8:30am         Carpool
  • 8-10:30am            Work Cycle
  • 10:30-11:00          Circle Time (Music & Movement)
  • 11-11:30                Playground
  • 11:30-12 noon      Lunch
  • 12-1:00pm             Nap
  • 1:00-4:30               Work Cycle
  • 4:30-5:15pm          Playground
    5:15-5:30pm         Classroom Activity     
In a Montessori setting a work cycle consists of young children choosing beautifully arranged didactic materials in a sequential order and according to their own abilities and choices. Each child progress at their own rate of development and is guided by a Montessori certified teacher.

Children progress through sensitive periods. Sensitive period can be defined as a time that is optimal for certain capacities to emerge and in which the individual is especially responsive to environmental influences. Montessori believed a child’s environment, designed for his or her sensitive periods, allowed for a natural unfolding of physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development.  A Montessori classroom is an environment filled with appropriate physical materials and arrangements that invite learning through exploration and interaction.  At the heart of Montessori is a respect for the child’s receptive or absorbent education influencing the child’s inner being or psyche, not just a limited set of skills. Montessori valued children’s independence from adults and defined what many today refer to as child-centered education and active learning.

Our school meets the standards and regulations as set forth by the Department of Children and Family Services for licensed daycares. Our school operates under a religious exempt status since our program is an integral part of the church
Yes, we are accredited through the Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools (FCCPS) Are standards are second to none and we are currently planning for accreditation through National Association Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and American Montessori Society (AMS)
Yes, our program is open to all children regardless of race, color, religion, age, and disability
At our school we teach children moral, civic, good, mannered, behaved, non-bullying, healthy, critical, successful and compliant behaviors through biblical stories, role playing activities, and didactic materials

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